Ice Cream


Ice cream is everyone’s favorite in any weather – except maybe people like Ross who claim their teeth hurt. Dolu lives for ice cream, he too insisted he’d write about ice cream and I couldn’t say no to him.

Ice creams come in different flavors, each one better that the other. If there is one flavor I could say I don’t like, its butterscotch (avoids eye contact with angry butterscotch fans). I remember my summer holidays when my aunt used to make ice cream at home. We just couldn’t wait for the ice cream to set, we’d keep opening the freezer every few minutes to see if its set. My mother used to bring back a huge cone of ice cream for me every Saturday. Then came softy. Oh my god..that was heaven in a cone. Such smooth ice cream, it was almost as if it caressed your tongue on its way down your tummy. There’s a place called Softy Den in Secunderabad, it used to be near my mother’s office and she used to take me and daddy there on Saturdays to get us softy and my personal favourite was the rainbow softy. I never knew rainbows could taste this yum. Twenty five years later when my husband and I went to Secunderabad I ensured I took him to softy den but alas.. my rainbow softy was not in stock that day. Kwality Walls used to make this sandwich ice cream and bon bons that were absolutely delicious, I wonder why did they stop. I could never have enough of those.

Now I live in Vizag where summers can be ruthlessly harsh. So my freezer is always stocked with ice cream. Just a couple of weeks ago we had guests visiting us every other day and every one of them got us a tub of ice cream. My freezer was bursting with ice cream tubs of different flavors and….


*Post interrupted due to irresistible ice cream craving of the author who has run off to her freezer and won’t be back anytime soon*