November 2013, I signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Little did I know that I was making friends for life through NaNo. The fun I had with my fellow writers cannot be described in words. Of all the friends, nine of us grew the closest. And we chatted day and night during all our waking hours (some of us even chatted in our sleep. I won’t say who, but they know it). These chats brought forth a lot of ideas, one of which is Hungwrimos (etymology : Hungry + Wrimos). Hungwrimos is a site ( for food lovers. We don’t just talk about recipes, we talk about anything and everything that is related to food, be it anecdotes, funny experiences, reviews, tips and all the works. Our aim? To promote healthy eating and easy cooking among the junk eating generation that is today. So pick up your ladles, tighten your aprons and visit our site today to decide on your next meal.