New mom on the block

IS it a year already since I last blogged? Wow. Time flies!

For those who are wondering how did I lose track of time, here’s a little slideshow of what I have been doing.

We got a furry little baby in June last year. We named him Bruno. He is a cuddly little golden retriever. ok not so little now. He was my joy. He was my lucky charm. August got me realizing that I was pregnant. September gave me the joy of listening to my little baby’s heartbeat. For a moment I thought it was a little horse galloping inside me. October gave me a massive shock in terms of Hudhud, the nastiest natural calamity I have ever seen. And yes I was pregnant through that cyclone. The place where I live was in the eye of the cyclone. It shook and rattled and broke everything around us except our spirits. We were left with no power and water for almost a month. But it gave us a blessing. We, the neighbours got time to connect with each other. WE stood in the drive way and chatted away gaily for hours on end while we waited for tankers to bring us water. That was my first trimester.

November showed me how it feels to have a little person kick you from within. It felt like a gas bubble at first. I later learnt that it was a feeble little kick. December saw me baking baking baking. January got me admitted in the hospital for fluid discharge. Ugh..ten days in the hospital with absolutely no TV. I survived on 2 books a day. February got me on the recuperating track. But I was still on absolute rest.

Third trimester was a real pain. For those of you reading up on pregnancy articles, take my word the first trimester is not the worst as they usually claim. Its the third. My body ached every where. I was frequenting the loo.. I had half a mind to shift my quarters there (TMI Sorry ) . And before I knew it, April brought home the stork. I had a very beautiful baby girl on the 6th. I remember just a few weeks before the delivery, Sonia asking me if I would be participating in NaPoWriMo and I told her it seemed a little impossible.

Did I say third trimester was the worst? I take that back. I had a C-section and the pain was …. I dont want to remind myself of it. I couldnt sit, I couldnt stand, I couldnt lie down, I couldnt pee, worse I couldnt carry my baby comfortably. It took me a month to recover.

Did I say C section was bad? Did you know sleepless nights can turn you into a zombie? That is going to be my next novel – How to turn into a zombie! It will be an award winning motion picture.

But you know what is the beauty of the entire thing? Nikki looks at me and gives me this huge wide toothless smile every morning the moment she wakes up and I forget everything.

But watch out people. There’s a new mom on the block who is massively sleep deprived and is on the verge of explosion from over eating and too many advices and restrictions…. you might want to tread on tip toes around her. And her baby who seldom sleeps.