Dolphin Hills




My husband is in the defence services and when he told me that he got a transfer to Vishakhapatnam aka Vizag, my face fell. As far as I knew, Vizag was a dry place with no amusement or entertainment whatsoever. But did I have a choice? So I packed my bags and followed him. 

Just before the plane was about to land, I peeped out of the window. And that was love at first sight. We were flying over the ocean and I could see the shoreline , and it was absolutely amazing. We landed and headed towards the place where we were allotted accommodation. Once we left the dirty polluted roads and the market place behind, we entered the main gates of Dolphin Hills and every curve, every bend took my breath away. The view was fantastic and the temperatures dropped by a couple or so degrees.

The house we were allotted is on the ground floor, so that givesme place for gardening too. The best part? I can see the ocean from my balcony, I can see the ocean from my door step, I can see the ocean when I go for walks, I can see the harbour when I go down, I can see ships when I go down, I can see ships when I go to the roof, I can see ships when I go for my walks, I can see the ocean AND the city when I reach the top. The night view? Mesmerizing. And oh you know what’s even better? I can see the ocean from the gym. Need I say more?  It’s like I am living in a holiday resort every day. 

We have a couple of food courts, a couple of shopping complex es and lots of parks on Dolphin Hills. It is a self sufficient place, except for a movie hall. You will have to go to the city if you want to watch a movie, or eat pizza. Pizzas don’t get delivered here, nor do most of the couriers. If you can overlook these trivialities Dolphin Hill is your dream home. 

A magnificent house on a hilltop with an ocean view. And there’s a trekking path that leads to the beach, we are yet to try that out. If we do, I’ll let you know how that goes. Will write about Yarada beach that I can see from my gym (center piece in the collage) when I come to Y because I had my share of fun over there as well. 


17 thoughts on “Dolphin Hills

  1. Except for Tirupati, I have not visited any place in Andhra. Should make it a point to visit…especially Dolphin Hills. Hope you don’t mind some guests 😀

  2. gaurikekre says:

    sounds like an idyllic place! 🙂

  3. Suzy says:

    Sound idyllic. how lucky you are living in a holiday resort like place.

  4. After reading this I really wanna pack my bags and come down to Dolphin Hills. 🙂

  5. Modern Gypsy says:

    Right now, I am green with envy! What a gorgeous view!! And did you say there’s a trekking path that leads to the beach? Even greener with envy!! 😉

  6. afshan18 says:

    Wish I knew u were in Vizag when I last visited. R dolphin hills those near yaaraada beach ? AM MESMERISED by the place nithya
    Vizag surely is goa of east coast . In last year challenge I wrote V for Vizag
    loving thse details

  7. For all you know, you will miss living this life once you move out of here. Make the most of this wonderful place 🙂

  8. Roshni says:

    I have yet to visit Vizag, but I’ve heard a about how beautiful it is!

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