Church Street, Bangalore

The best time I had when I lived in Bangalore, was when I worked for this company on Rest House Road. The gang was awesome and we all loved to eat. We got free food in the office, but we still loved to go out to eat atleast once a week. After a year or so, we shifted our office to another premise where we didn’t get food in the office anymore, so we hung out in the best place in the whole of Bangalore – Church Street.

Church Street is a very narrow street tucked away secretly inside Brigade Road. It has some big restaurants and cafes like Matteo, Nandos, Amoeba, Bheema’s, Mainland China,etc., but it was the smaller ones that contained the actual magic of food. Queens was my special favourite. One can never spot it if you are not familiar with the street. It’s one of those shady little shops hidden on one side of the street. The interiors are beautiful nevertheless. It gives you a comfortable cozy feeling once inside. The food is reasonably priced. Kaati Zone was another of my favourite haunts. But my colleague and best friend in the office, Amogh and I used to go to Subway every other day. We walk up to Church Street from our office, stand at the intersection and look either ways deciding where to go for lunch. If we chose the road to our left we’d end up in Kaati Zone, if we chose the road to our right, we’d end up in Subway. Probably we were a bunch of lazy leos too lazy to hunt for our food. But that was when it was just him and me. When the rest of the gang was around, we’d choose some nice place like Bheema’s which served good Andhra food. We once went to Indijoes for a farewell party. They serve wonderful sizzlers with good old classic music. Then came a new craze- Krispy Kreme. Those doughnuts were the best I had ever had. We started frequenting that place more than any other. It had to be Krispy Kreme for dessert. Krispy Kreme is solely responsible for me gaining weight – that and my laziness to exercise.  Amogh and I had fun during lunch breaks. Zoroy, a luxury chocolate store added charm to Church Street as well. I will write more about it when I reach Z.

It wasn’t just restaurants. There are many shops selling video games, clothes, gadgets, etc. There is this stationery store where I loved going just to look at pens and notebooks and inevitably ended up spending at least two or three thousands every month. I loved window shopping especially after office hours. I loved walking up and down that street to see life going by. I enjoyed Church Street better than Brigade Road or MG Road. It was like my little secret world in this busy hustle bustle of the city. It was like – yes – it was like Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. Try visiting this place the next time you are in Bangalore, or contact me for tips on what to get where and where to eat.


17 thoughts on “Church Street, Bangalore

  1. Have never been to Bangalore but when I do I will sure check this out. Thank you for the details 🙂

  2. Thanks for the Zoroy info niths….. I would like to add ome more place to your list. One must visit India Coffee House where you get this yummmy Scrambled egg, omelette, masala dosa and many more…. 🙂

  3. Being a Bangalorean I know the happening places. Being away from Bangalore for more than 20 years…I seem lost there. Lakeview was our favourite joint.

  4. Byrappa says:

    Which stationary shop in Church Street?

  5. Karan says:

    seems like a destination to go when I am there, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Yes you must. Do not miss Queens and Krispy Kreme. The other restaurants like Kaati Zone and Subway you find everywhere. And check out the little stores near Queens for all your video gaming and gadgets. Oh and Dubai Plaza… how did I forget Dubai Plaza.. that’s a nice little plaza for clothes shoes gadgets and what not

  6. afshan18 says:

    Church gate looks like heaven 🙂 new to bangalore and this post is very helpful to me thanks… .

  7. afshan18 says:

    and that diagon alley comparison is supurb !
    Hyfive from a fellow HP fan 🙂

  8. Lovely post Nithya, This has been our Carmalite haunt for many years 🙂 Guess the tradition is being carried on..Nothing beats Mainland China even today. A must HAVE every time we visit Bangalore. Btw. Kaati Zone has opened in Jaynagar 7th Phase.

  9. I have never been to Banglore but After reading your post I feel I had a nice peak, like watching Anthony Bourdain in parts unknown on CNN #a2zchallenge great to connect ! I am #1547

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