Toozio – My Happy Place

‘Lady, do you know what you’re getting into?’ asked the hefty bald sales director from behind his desk. I nodded enthusiastically silently promising myself that if I got this job, I would give it my hundred percent.
On the 2nd of April 2012, I was welcomed into the Toozio family by the CEO, Mr. GD. There was another person besides Kailash, the sales director who interviewed me. His name was Rohit I learned later and he was the marketing director. I started out in the marketing department since Mahi, the marketing person was going on a long leave. Couple of days into the job and I fell in love with the company. Kailash was hilarious and sweet. He was a well balanced boss who knew how to spoil his team rotten and be a hard task master when he had to be. He left after a month or so for some reason.
I dont remember who joined first, Amogh or Avik. Avik initially kept to himself and sat in his corner with his head buried in work all the time. It took us a while to pull him out of his shell, but once he opened up, there was no stopping him. He cracked us up so much, he had us doubled over in laughter by imitating people we knew.
We went on a great many team lunches together. Kailash was always ordering food and I put on massive weight after joining this company. I repeat, I loved my job here. Most importantly I fell in love with myself after joining this company, Toozio brought out the best in me. And like I had promised I gave Toozio my hundred percent, I even turned into a workoholic. I worked late nights, I worked on Sundays…
There were many people who came and went, but it was Mahi, Amogh, Avik and me who grew the closest. Then Kailash too left. I started reporting to Rohit. We shared the same tastes in dogs and food. He was the best boss I’ve ever had. What amazed me about the man was that there was nothing he didnt know about. He was very knowledgable and Amogh and I looked up to him as our idol.
GD initially used to scare me – he being the CEO and all that. Once I got to know him, I realized he was a very modest person and fun to hang around with. He made me laugh a lot. Now when I think of it, I’ve spent most of my time in Toozio laughing. This was a swell team. GD, Rohit and Ashwin, another director were very approachable and supportive. Rohit always stuck his neck out for me and Ashwin made sure I never got into trouble. He double checked my work before I presented it to Rohit or GD. Whatever praises I’ve got from either of them, the credit goes entirely to Ashwin.
I knew my bosses liked me a lot, but it was on my last day I realized how much. I got a farewell like no one had ever got. Rohit wasn’t around and I had hoped like hell he’d turn up but he didn’t and I felt too shy to ask him. GD and Ashwin hugged me and said they were proud of me. Amogh gifted me a beautiful pen, never knew he had this soft side to him and Avik -I knew I had found a friend for life in him.
This morning, I woke up with a sore throat, made myself a cup of hot tea, sipped it slowly and looked at the clock. It was 7.30 and I didnt know how to fill the rest of the day. At about 10, I imagined theoffice buzzing with activity and laughter echoing everywhere. The very thought had me smiling silly.
To answer Kailash’s question during my interview, I had gotten into my happy place !