Puppy Love

I love the commute to my office. The bus, the walk, everything. I normally take BIAS 5 (the buses that ply back and forth to the airport) and get down near Chinnaswamy stadium (People familiar with Bangalore will know what I am talking about. Those who don’t, its a cricket stadium on MG Road, one of the commercial hubs in Bangalore), cross the road, walk by St. Mark’s Cathedral, take a right near The Book Room, walk down church street and take a right opposite Kaati Zone towards Rest House Crescent road. Its a beautiful walk. The sights and smells are beautiful, ok not the smells. The smells are ugh! One can see sweepers trying their best to clean the roads and the pavements dirtied by us the previous evening, there’s the garbage truck waiting patiently for all the garbage from the eat outs to be dumped in. The smell again ugh! There’s an occassional smell of rotting carcass of some poor mutt that must have died. Then there’s the smell of the sewer that runs below the pavement. I’ve always wondered why does the sewer smell so much in the mornings. Why not at any other time of the day? Nevertheless, continuing, there are people walking towards their offices or riding/driving, each of them wearing an expression of having to carry immense burdens on their wee shoulders. (Not everyone is lucky as me, I love my job).

There’s this dog on the pavement near Indijoe’s. There are few other dogs, but this one in particular caught my attention. He looks fat. Initially I though he must be well fed on scraps from Indijoe. Turned out he was ill. And his neutering had gone wrong. I am not going to elaborate on that, let me leave that to your imagination. He was always lying down when i pass by. I always felt sorry for that poor mutt.

One day as I was passing by that road, I saw him sniff around. I’ve been around dogs for sometime now to decipher their body language. I knew he was hungry. He looked at me for a second and continued sniffing around. This dog, I’ve never seen him sit up leave alone stand and sniff around for scraps. I retraced my steps, went to a little shop and bought a packet of biscuits. I whistled to the dog and placed a few biscuits on the pavement. He came close by, warily though and sniffed at the biscuits, took a lick and looked at me – in the eyes. BAM!! I fell in love with him. I noticed he didn’t have a tail. His big brown eyes spoke volumes of gratitude. I wanted to hug him and say its alright puppy just eat all you want. I just smiled and walked away.

The next day he was there at his usual spot, falling asleep. I still had half the pack of biscuits from the previous day. I went close to him and gave him some. He didnt make an effort to get up and eat. He sat and licked the crumbs off the pavement. He gave me that look again. My heart skipped a beat. I reminded myself not to get too emotionally involved with him, I’ve had my heartbreaks with dogs. I couldn’t stop thinking of him all day.

I didnt take that route for the next two days due to some unavoidable reasons. Couple of days later, I once again got down from the bus near Chinnaswamy stadium, crossed over to St Mark’s Cathedral and walked down the road near The Book Room. I bought a pack of biscuits and smiled to myself when I thought of the big pup. I couldn’t find him.

The next day same story and the day after that. But yes, this morning was a bit different. I walked down the road, the pack of biscuits still in my bag, the sights and smells playing on my mind, the smell of the sewer, the smell of rotting carcass again and this time my tummy felt queasy. I saw the garbage truck parked a little distance away and even before I could reach it, my stomach did a double somersault. I saw him there, inside the garbage truck, lying motionless. The smell of the garbage and him… ugh! I felt bad for him that he had to meet such a sad end, he had to be dumped in a garbage truck. But atleast his sufferings had ended. I said a little prayer for his soul and walked on towards my office.

I know tomorrow would be just another day and life will have to go on. I must remind myself once again not to get emotionally attached to any dogs henceforth… Here puppy puppy.. biscuit????