Who’s hungry for love?

There is a new supermarket opened up near my house. The other day my husband and i went to check it out. While he was parking the car, i stood at the entrance and examined the vegetables that were being sold there. A huge black dog comes and stands beside me. He was a stray and he looked very handsome. His height reached uptp my thighs. He looked well fed. He looked at me with his big black eyes. I have been reading ‘Inside of a dog’ by Alexandra Horowitz and had started interpreting everything a dog would do. This guy confused me a bit, he was looking at me but for what… Was it a threat for having come into his territory or was it expectation of food? However, i cooed to him and he wagged his tail. I ran in and got him a packet of biscuits. He devoured all the biscuits. I went away, a smile on my lips. The book was working.
The next day i went there again, and he came bouncing towards me. I patted his huge head and he wagged his tail and sniffed my legs. His eyes were so warm and full of love. I went in to get some biscuits again. I came out with the biscuits and he was gone. Probably he was just hungry for love. I made it a habit to go to the store everyday. And he’d be there waiting for me, for a pat on his big head and he’d be gone before i could even enter the store. Now i don’t know if i’m going there because he’d like to see me or if i’d like to see him. The dog and i have become hungry for love.
I havent seen him from the past two days and my tummy feels a little uneasy. I just hope he’s there today.
The shopkeeper has started giving me discount coupons now


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