Trash beneath the Metro lines

I bought apples from Nilgiris. The very red ones. I was wondering if they would be sweet, but when I bit into it, almost a mouthful of juice squirted out and the sweetness was beyond anything I can imagine. I lost myself in the apple. I felt for a moment like Snow White where the wicked queen gives her the sweetest apple lined with poison.

I finished it with a very heavy heart and was looking for a place to discard the remains and guess what I see… all the world’s a trash bin. What shook me even more was our citizens have found a new dumpyard now… right in the middle of the road, beneath the metro lines. I blinked twice when I saw that.

We complain non stop about the government not doing enough for us, my question is, what are we doing to help ourselves?

Are we that ignorant that we sit and watch people trashing the city… the middle of the road for crying out loud. What is wrong with people seriously?

I rummaged through my handbag which always has some unwanted paper, and to my luck found a whole paper bag, I put the remains of my yummy apple into it and carried it back home and put it into my dustbin… and then this thought pops into my mind… where are the contents of this dustbin going to be trashed? Beneath the metro lines again?



One thought on “Trash beneath the Metro lines

  1. Now there’s trash everywhere and people are stumped not knowing what to do with all that garbage

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