Are we losing our humanity?

This thing kept me up all night. 

Last evening, I stepped out of my office and walked towards my bus stop. My feet were killing me because of my heels. I always wonder at the end of the day why do I punish myself. 

Anyways, I was just about to cross the road when I saw this young lad in jeans and a t shirt with an ipod and a very good mobile phone, all doubled up on the pavement. I stopped for a brief second wondering if I should offer him some help, some water perhaps, there are many more people looking at him, some wondering the same thing I was, and few others wondering what the hell’s wrong with this dude. The point is, no one stopped to “help”. And this includes me.

Instances have made us so stone hearted that we simply dont have the guts to trust someone enough to help them out. 

I walked away, but guilt didn’t let me keep silent. I called one of my colleagues and asked him to check on the guy, which thankfully he did. Turned out, he was drugged and was sleeping it out. So, he was left on the pavement to “sleep off” his drugged body. 

Why was he “left” there? Didn’t he require help.

Most of us just walk away from a drunk lying on the pavement or roadside thinking, oh he’s a drunk. Doesn’t a drunk require help to get back home? Shouldn’t we be calling the police or 108? All of us are scared to get involved with the police. We don’t trust the police enough to confide in them.

That makes me come back to my question : Have we lost all signs of humanity? Have we turned so stone hearted that we don’t want to trust anyone anymore?

Just thought I’d pop a thought into your minds.


Have a sunny day




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