Where are we headed?

Have crimes against women increased of late? When I talk about women, I am talking about nature too. 

Seriously, what is happening to us? Like the recent molestation and attempt to murders cases were not raging me enough, I was walking to office the other day, I was passing through the Chinnaswamy stadium when I saw two very beautiful gulmohar trees razed down. I was shocked to numbness in my limbs. I was even more angry with myself that there was nothing I could do to help those trees. 

Last evening, I step out of office and what do I see? Many more trees chopped down. The smell of the leaves under my feet made me nauseous with grief. Just imagine the number of decades those trees took to grow. And imagine the number of birds that were left homeless and eggless. 

Like that wasn’t sad enough, i read this http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/bangalore/article3693700.ece in today’s paper. Monkeys, poisoned to death? Seriously? 

Have we lost all regard for nature? We’re already headed towards doom, why are we speeding up the process? 

Pull your socks up people, if you want to preserve this world for your kids,pull your socks up and lets do something to stop this massacre.


Suggestions welcome ! 

Like Gautam(my boss) and Mahatma Gandhi say, we have to be the change we want to see in the world. 


Who’s hungry for love?

There is a new supermarket opened up near my house. The other day my husband and i went to check it out. While he was parking the car, i stood at the entrance and examined the vegetables that were being sold there. A huge black dog comes and stands beside me. He was a stray and he looked very handsome. His height reached uptp my thighs. He looked well fed. He looked at me with his big black eyes. I have been reading ‘Inside of a dog’ by Alexandra Horowitz and had started interpreting everything a dog would do. This guy confused me a bit, he was looking at me but for what… Was it a threat for having come into his territory or was it expectation of food? However, i cooed to him and he wagged his tail. I ran in and got him a packet of biscuits. He devoured all the biscuits. I went away, a smile on my lips. The book was working.
The next day i went there again, and he came bouncing towards me. I patted his huge head and he wagged his tail and sniffed my legs. His eyes were so warm and full of love. I went in to get some biscuits again. I came out with the biscuits and he was gone. Probably he was just hungry for love. I made it a habit to go to the store everyday. And he’d be there waiting for me, for a pat on his big head and he’d be gone before i could even enter the store. Now i don’t know if i’m going there because he’d like to see me or if i’d like to see him. The dog and i have become hungry for love.
I havent seen him from the past two days and my tummy feels a little uneasy. I just hope he’s there today.
The shopkeeper has started giving me discount coupons now

Trash beneath the Metro lines

I bought apples from Nilgiris. The very red ones. I was wondering if they would be sweet, but when I bit into it, almost a mouthful of juice squirted out and the sweetness was beyond anything I can imagine. I lost myself in the apple. I felt for a moment like Snow White where the wicked queen gives her the sweetest apple lined with poison.

I finished it with a very heavy heart and was looking for a place to discard the remains and guess what I see… all the world’s a trash bin. What shook me even more was our citizens have found a new dumpyard now… right in the middle of the road, beneath the metro lines. I blinked twice when I saw that.

We complain non stop about the government not doing enough for us, my question is, what are we doing to help ourselves?

Are we that ignorant that we sit and watch people trashing the city… the middle of the road for crying out loud. What is wrong with people seriously?

I rummaged through my handbag which always has some unwanted paper, and to my luck found a whole paper bag, I put the remains of my yummy apple into it and carried it back home and put it into my dustbin… and then this thought pops into my mind… where are the contents of this dustbin going to be trashed? Beneath the metro lines again?



I saw this guy carrying a blue black and`red shoulder bag the other day. The bag looked pretty nice and classy. I scanned the bag with my eyes until my eyes rested on the logo – it was Tommy Hilfiger’s logo. My eyebrows raised involuntarily.

Brands carry a weightage of their own. Had it been a bag without a logo or a brand name it wouldn’t have stayed in my mind for so long. But just becase it carried Tommy Hilfiger’s symbol, I havent stopped thinking about getting a bag like that for myself.

Shoes – I normally wouldn’t buy ankle covering sneakers. And the color grey is definitley not in my wardrobe. But I saw these shoes in Nike and put it in my must buy list. Just the thought that it was from Nike made me respect those shoes a little more (chuckle)

A person carrying something “branded” would gain respect instantly from onlookers.His standards would shoot up the roof in a second. One might think that this is much ado about nothing, but hey, this is just a thought that popped into my mind !

Have a lovely weekend. I wouldn’t say sunny here because of the unpredictable rains.