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New mom on the block

IS it a year already since I last blogged? Wow. Time flies!

For those who are wondering how did I lose track of time, here’s a little slideshow of what I have been doing.

We got a furry little baby in June last year. We named him Bruno. He is a cuddly little golden retriever. ok not so little now. He was my joy. He was my lucky charm. August got me realizing that I was pregnant. September gave me the joy of listening to my little baby’s heartbeat. For a moment I thought it was a little horse galloping inside me. October gave me a massive shock in terms of Hudhud, the nastiest natural calamity I have ever seen. And yes I was pregnant through that cyclone. The place where I live was in the eye of the cyclone. It shook and rattled and broke everything around us except our spirits. We were left with no power and water for almost a month. But it gave us a blessing. We, the neighbours got time to connect with each other. WE stood in the drive way and chatted away gaily for hours on end while we waited for tankers to bring us water. That was my first trimester.

November showed me how it feels to have a little person kick you from within. It felt like a gas bubble at first. I later learnt that it was a feeble little kick. December saw me baking baking baking. January got me admitted in the hospital for fluid discharge. Ugh..ten days in the hospital with absolutely no TV. I survived on 2 books a day. February got me on the recuperating track. But I was still on absolute rest.

Third trimester was a real pain. For those of you reading up on pregnancy articles, take my word the first trimester is not the worst as they usually claim. Its the third. My body ached every where. I was frequenting the loo.. I had half a mind to shift my quarters there (TMI Sorry ) . And before I knew it, April brought home the stork. I had a very beautiful baby girl on the 6th. I remember just a few weeks before the delivery, Sonia asking me if I would be participating in NaPoWriMo and I told her it seemed a little impossible.

Did I say third trimester was the worst? I take that back. I had a C-section and the pain was …. I dont want to remind myself of it. I couldnt sit, I couldnt stand, I couldnt lie down, I couldnt pee, worse I couldnt carry my baby comfortably. It took me a month to recover.

Did I say C section was bad? Did you know sleepless nights can turn you into a zombie? That is going to be my next novel – How to turn into a zombie! It will be an award winning motion picture.

But you know what is the beauty of the entire thing? Nikki looks at me and gives me this huge wide toothless smile every morning the moment she wakes up and I forget everything.

But watch out people. There’s a new mom on the block who is massively sleep deprived and is on the verge of explosion from over eating and too many advices and restrictions…. you might want to tread on tip toes around her. And her baby who seldom sleeps.

Just Us

I told you the story of NaNoWriMo 2013 didn’t I ? And how the nine of us got together to create Hungwrimos. If you didn’t get it, click here : Today I would like to tell you more about us.

ImageThis is Jai. She is like a big sister or … you can say she is our Fairy Godmother. She is the caretaker and caregiver of the group. She is an inspiration to all of us. She is a wonderful writer and an excellent cook. Her most important thing in life is her little son Shubhya (Bubloo) who is the meaning to her life. She loves us unconditionally, if I may say so, the eight of us are one eye while Shubhya is her other eye. She and Vi keep coming up with such brilliant ideas like the Hungwrimos, the Litleague and the Yseeker. We don’t know what else is cooking up in those heads now. That’s my darling Jai.

Image This is Preets. She is a bubbly charming girl who is popularly known as Lolly Dolly because all that she does is giggle or rather LOLs. Her brother Vi told us that her pet name at home was Dolly, so Lolly Dolly fit her like a glove. Preets is a wonderful cook and her poems are as beautiful as she is. She is an ideal sister any brother could want (Vi might kick me for this but that’s the truth).


ImageThis is Raji. She is the baby of the group who needs that extra TLC. Well after a hounding from us she’s learnt to be a little more sensible, else this girl literally needs to be force fed. She is crazy about Nutella and is ready to even arm wrestle you for that, forgetting how fragile she is. And Vi (or Vistud as she calls him) loves to pull her leg too. Arjun calls her beasty, and I totally disagree with him. Did I mention she is our little baby? She is the most spoilt of the lot – thanks to us.


This Image is Arjun, Raji’s  arch rival albeit her best friend too. The two of them are like cats and dogs, they quarrel , they argue, they raise all the dust and once the dust is settled you’ll find the two of them sitting and discussing mundane stuff like nothing ever happened. He is Raji’s punching bag. He is popularly known as Groggy amongst us because he is either sleeping or hungover most of the times. He and Vi are dudes. Groggy is a sweetheart who goes crazy when he sees a thattukada with an attached kallukada. What does that mean? Ask him he’ll explain it so beautifully that you  will be craving for food and toddy at the same time. Oh and never never listen to his singing if you want your ear drums to be intact. I just hope he doesn’t scare his goo goo doll Ektara with his singing.


Image  NJ, the most generous person in the gang. She loves to cook or bake and she gives it away to us – just like that. She is the most selfless person we’ve come across. But we are also scared of her. She is like a matron to us. While Jai is someone who’d cry for us when we are not ok, NJ would give you a piece of her mind. Jai spoils us while NJ disciplines us. NJ is loads of fun to be around with. I think she was the one who named me Trippy. That’s another story I’ll save for later. NJ makes these really awesome cakes and muffins that are to die for.


Image  Nimi – the life of the group. When Nimi’s around you are only laughing your heart out. She’ll ensure you have cracked ribs from laughing too much. But mess with her, and you will have cracked ribs again. She loves visiting Hairy Potters in Lungiland or travelling in trucks or drinking away – a little hippy blood she’s got in her. She is a busy bee but when she makes an entry, we are all rolling on the floor laughing. That’s our happy-go-lucky Nimi.


Image  Do you remember that scene from Shri Krishna where Yashodha asks Krishna to open his mouth and she sees the entire universe inside his mouth? Well Utti is like that. Utti opens his mouth and he transports you to another universe altogether. And his writings? They are a class apart. He is fondly called as Baby Dumbledore because he lives in a world of his own making. He is the youngest in our group so we also refer to him as Bachha. He is intelligence personified. He can be stubborn at times, but otherwise he is a darling little boy. He too is Vi’s dude. That’s my Utti for you.


Now comes the grand master with a grand entry *Drum Roll* .Image

Put your hands together for the much mentioned VVVVVIIIIIIIIIIIII – that’s how we welcome him – screeching out his name. I have just one word to describe Vi – Aslan. That’s what he is. He I should say is the glue that keeps our group together. He is a wizard creating new worlds everyday, he is an ideal brother, an ideal friend and a very good human being. Vi worries a lot for all of us, though he seldom expresses it. He believes in live and let live, but if you are not living properly he won’t hesitate to kick your ass for it. The eight of us hold a special place in his heart and should you mess with any of us, Vi will ensure you regret the day you were born. He is a fierce loyalist, and a couple of days ago I thought of a new name for him which will be announced here formally – Bhishm Pitamah for his vows of celibacy and protector of the Foodie Clan (us).


We together are a crazy gang who are thick as thieves. But that’s JUST US!


Ice Cream


Ice cream is everyone’s favorite in any weather – except maybe people like Ross who claim their teeth hurt. Dolu lives for ice cream, he too insisted he’d write about ice cream and I couldn’t say no to him.

Ice creams come in different flavors, each one better that the other. If there is one flavor I could say I don’t like, its butterscotch (avoids eye contact with angry butterscotch fans). I remember my summer holidays when my aunt used to make ice cream at home. We just couldn’t wait for the ice cream to set, we’d keep opening the freezer every few minutes to see if its set. My mother used to bring back a huge cone of ice cream for me every Saturday. Then came softy. Oh my god..that was heaven in a cone. Such smooth ice cream, it was almost as if it caressed your tongue on its way down your tummy. There’s a place called Softy Den in Secunderabad, it used to be near my mother’s office and she used to take me and daddy there on Saturdays to get us softy and my personal favourite was the rainbow softy. I never knew rainbows could taste this yum. Twenty five years later when my husband and I went to Secunderabad I ensured I took him to softy den but alas.. my rainbow softy was not in stock that day. Kwality Walls used to make this sandwich ice cream and bon bons that were absolutely delicious, I wonder why did they stop. I could never have enough of those.

Now I live in Vizag where summers can be ruthlessly harsh. So my freezer is always stocked with ice cream. Just a couple of weeks ago we had guests visiting us every other day and every one of them got us a tub of ice cream. My freezer was bursting with ice cream tubs of different flavors and….


*Post interrupted due to irresistible ice cream craving of the author who has run off to her freezer and won’t be back anytime soon*





November 2013, I signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Little did I know that I was making friends for life through NaNo. The fun I had with my fellow writers cannot be described in words. Of all the friends, nine of us grew the closest. And we chatted day and night during all our waking hours (some of us even chatted in our sleep. I won’t say who, but they know it). These chats brought forth a lot of ideas, one of which is Hungwrimos (etymology : Hungry + Wrimos). Hungwrimos is a site ( for food lovers. We don’t just talk about recipes, we talk about anything and everything that is related to food, be it anecdotes, funny experiences, reviews, tips and all the works. Our aim? To promote healthy eating and easy cooking among the junk eating generation that is today. So pick up your ladles, tighten your aprons and visit our site today to decide on your next meal. 

Tea Breaks with the CEO – Promotional tour



Enya’s life was like a bull in a China Shop. While she juggles with all the stress with her family and work, there comes cupid’s call and makes her fall in love with who she thinks is the perfect man God could have ever created. When Shailesh Nedungadi breaks her heart, she resolves never to fall in love again. But one heart break was not enough for her to stop herself from falling in love yet again. The stories she shares with her boss, Roshan Mandanna, over a tea break opens her heart to love again. And even though she resists it, she finds herself falling head over heels in love with Roshan.




“But honestly, I feel so much at peace with myself. I don’t have a single care in the world. I have never loved anyone like I loved Shailesh and I will not be able to love anyone again.”

“How can you say that? Maybe you haven’t met the right guy yet.”

“I don’t know, I feel empty inside. I feel nothing.”

“Now you are just being dramatic”

“No I am not. I am telling you, I feel nothing inside. Imagine this, your heart is like a bucket, you have all your emotions stored in it – your joy, your tears, your fears, your sorrows, your laughter, your love, your hatred, everything. And then one day, you take that bucket and pour out everything on top of someone. Now the bucket is empty. That is how I feel. I am devoid of emotions. I feel nothing now, not even towards Shailesh. I have no love, I bear no hatred. I feel indifferent towards everyone.”

“Are you saying you don’t like anybody at all?”

“Maybe I do, maybe I might find someone in the future who will sweep me off my feet once again. Ok, I do like someone now, but that emotional connect isn’t there. I don’t even know ..if he likes me too, will I be able to reciprocate.”

“Who is it?”

“I.. no one. I don’t know if I really like him in the first place. Maybe I am just a little attracted towards him. I really don’t feel that connect. I don’t even know if there is anything there in the first place.”

“How will you know unless you try?”

“I… try what?”

He came towards me, put his hands around my waist, pulled me closer, kissed me tenderly on the lips and whispered, “Try falling in love again!”


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Final Cover tea breaks



R. Nithya hails from a family of story tellers. She has had a passion for stories from a very young age and loves to live in a world of her own making. She is also passionate about cooking, eating and pets. She is the co-founder of a site for foodies called When she is not cooking, or eating or writing, she also works as a Freelance Marketing Consultant. She is married to an officer in the Indian Navy and currently resides in Vishakhapatnam, AP.


You can connect with her at

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First, stop laughing. The image? Yeah I put up the cute one because all the other images were pretty frightening for me to look at, I couldn’t bring myself to search for actual ghost images. So if you do not believe in these supernatural beings, please don’t ridicule me. And for those who do, I am sure you can empathize with me. 

Ghosts scare me to an extent where I don’t even say the word “ghosts” for the fear of invoking them. I grew up listening to stories of ghosts, ghouls, poltergeists and what not from my grandparents and now I get nightmares that keep me up all night. Some people tell me that they are perhaps lost souls coming to me or anyone else for help on some unfinished business. But believe me not all are unfinished businessmen/women. There are a number of mischief makers as well who are sadistic to make one pee in their pants. 

There are people, I mean alive people who find supernatural beings fascinating, they love to listen to stories and watch movies that get their heart beating fast. I used to be one of them. I stopped watching movies and reading books on such topics after my nightmares grew to an extent where I dread taking a nap even during the day.

However, I am compiling a book of all the stories my grandfather , my father and my uncle told me as a child and a few of my own experiences. It’s called Roof Top Tales and will be hitting the bookstores soon. If you want your stories or experiences added as well, feel free to drop me an email on and I will include your story in the book and give you a special mention.